• NZ Becomes Further Enmeshed in US Empire: The Politics and Economics Of Five 
  • Eyes by Murray Horton
  • Pandemic Profiteers by Murray Horton
  • From Private Equity to Public Ownership: The Case for Reform In The Bus Industry by Edward Miller
  • You Can’t Bank on It by Murray Horton
  • Should We Stay or Should We Go? Rio Tinto Sings A Very Familiar Old Song by Murray Horton
  • A History Lesson by Murray Horton
  • Organiser’s Report by Murray Horton
  • Consequences Of Militarist Global Capitalism by Dennis Small
  • REVIEWS by Jeremy Agar
        • Too Much Money by Max Rashbrooke
        • Fulfillment: Winning And Losing In One-Click America by Alex MacGillis American Kleptocracy by Casey Michel
        • The Contrarian: Peter Thiel and Silicon Valley’s Pursuit Of Power by Max Chafkin Twilight Of Democracy: The Seductive Lure Of Authoritarianism by Anne Applebaum

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An industrial-scale state house building programme to end the housing crisis for citizens on low incomes 
  •  We’ve solved housing crisis’s  in the past
  • We know how to do it
  • It must be done again

The petition for an industrial-scale state house building programme is here

It is the first stage in a campaign to get the government to meet the housing crisis head on.

The petition can be signed by individuals and organisations.

Please send the link out widely and share on social media. We will begin a second push in late January once the festive season is behind us but we are keen to get it out and around before then.

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Bludgers’ Banquet. Help Yourself, It’s On The House by Murray Horton 

Inequality And Excess Profits In New Zealand: Bill Rosenberg & Geoff Bertram by Greg Waite

2021 CAFCA Annual General Meeting Minutes

CAFCA/ABC Organiser Account Financial Report For Year Ended March 31 2021  by James Ayers, Organiser Account Treasurer

Rethinking The WTO  by Jane Kelsey

Will NZ Push To End Or Entrench Vaccine Apartheid In Global South?  

by Ed Miller

In Memory Of Aziz Choudry  by Murray Horton

Aziz Choudry Wins Case Against SIS. Out Of Court Settlement; Damages;   Government Apology  by Murray Horton

Aotearoa Water Action Update  by Peter Richardson

Spaced Out Overshoot On The Final Frontier! Battling For Planet Earth   

by Dennis Small

Government Proposal On Hate Speech – A Mistake by Prue Hyman

REVIEWS  by Jeremy Agar, Jane Kelsey and Greg Waite

  • Labour Saving by Michael Cullen
  • Fifty Years A Feminist by Sue Kedgley
  • Crimes Against Nature by Jeff Sparrow
  • Activists And The Surveillance State. Learning From Repression ......... .. edited by Aziz
  • Nomadland by Jessica Bruder

OBITUARIES  by Leigh Cookson

  • Jim Stuart
  • Aziz Choudry


  • The Condensed Edition  by Murray Horton
  • OIO Decisions May To September 2021

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Taxing The TNCs. Long Overdue Global 15% Tax Rate Bare Minimum, But It's A Start by Murray Horton

~> Budget Benefit Increases. Spin Or Solution? by Greg Waite

~> Rocket Lab. Campaign Against It Blasts Off by Murray Horton

~> Rightwing Media Bias by Bryan Gould

~> Housing. How It Illustrates The Nature Of The Multiple Crises We Face by Mike Treen

~> The Undermining Of Hauraki 2021 by Catherine Delahunty

~> Aotearoa Water Action Update by Peter Richardson

~> Imploding Capitalism. Grappling With The Neoliberal Militarist Market by Dennis Small

~> Reviews by Jeremy Agar

Helen Kelly by Rebecca Macfie

Antisocial. How Online Extremists Broke America by Andrew Marantz

A Secret Australia edited by Felicity Ruby and Peter Cronau

The New Climate War. The Fight To Take Back Our Planet by Michael E Mann

How To Change Everything by Naomi Klein

Minamata. A Film by Andrew Levitas

Percy Versus Goliath. A Film by Clark Johnson

~> Obituaries by Anna Radford, Gillian Southey and Murray Horton
Piet Radford
Barbara Stephens
Death in the Family: Denis Snowden

~> Thanks Bill, Leigh And Linda by Murray Horton