TPPA Bulletin #75


Ministers are meeting in Atlanta on 30 September (US time) with a view to concluding talks on the agreement. Groser has been attempting to play it cool (anybody fooled?) and pretend he might not go, but we fully expect he will not only go, but also agree to whatever is required of him.
We need you to call the parliamentary offices of John Key (04 817 6800) and Tim Groser (04 817 6811) office on 30 September and tell them it is time to walk away from this toxic deal.

Legal Challenge to Secrecy
On Monday Professor Jane Kelsey and seven other applicants had a hearing in the Wellington High Court challenging TPPA secrecy. They are seeking a declaration that Minister Groser acted unlawfully when he issued a blanket refusal to release information on TPPA negotiations. Dr Matthew Palmer QC has said that they are simply seeking a standard reading of the Official Information Act.

Atlanta Ministerial
Stakes are high in Atlanta as Ministers hurry to conclude the final agreement. Chief negotiators have been meeting since Monday, and the main points of focus will be around automotive access (Canada and Mexico are upset over a US-Japan bilateral arrangement), biologics, and dairy market access. See Jane Kelsey's op-ed in the NZ Herald for further info.

Gordon Campbell on Dairy
Gordon Campbell has an interesting piece on Scoop trying to decode what's going on with the government currently downplaying expectations around TPPA, particularly on dairy market access.  He concludes that it is likely that the dairy deal has already been done. Not everyone supports Campbell's view, but his piece is thought-provoking and stacked with information, definitely worth a read.

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