It's Our Future - TPPA Bulletin #65


Campaigners in Europe, the US, Australia and Canada are coordinating activities to oppose the twin deals – TPPA and TTIP (the US-EU version) – on 18 April.

Since we have just had the national action we are only having two small actions:

1. Click on itsourfuture and tell the government no to investors rights to sue (more below)
2. Auckland activists are planning an action outside the US Consulate.


The Wikileaks TPPA investment chapter showed our government has agreed to special rights for foreign investors (including US and Japan) to sue in shonky offshore tribunals. It has just done the same in a new Korea deal. 

What can I do?
Send a submission to the select committee on the Korea deal until Friday 24 April. It won’t make any difference to that FTA because it’s already signed and Cabinet controls the process, but it is a perfect way to tell the government NO to ISDS (investor-state dispute settlement) in any deal, including TPPA. Over 2000 people have done so already. 
Splash page on itsourfuture website
Click and get all the basic info you need, plus the submission on the Korea FTA and support for NZ First’s Fighting Foreign Corporate Control bill to say no ISDS ever again.
More detailed information
See Jane Kelsey’s lay persons’ guide on Korea and TPPA investment chapter.

Brilliant video summary on ISDS         

'Crony Capitalism Goes Global' (6mins) produced by Represent Us (an anti-corruption organisation) does a nice job breaking down concerns about TPP and ISDS for a popular (US) audience, available on Facebook and YouTube. (Pity they keep calling it a ‘trade’ deal tho.)

Lots of good media says NO ISDS …


Winston commits to Oppose TPPAThe TPPA featured at most election meetings during the Northland by-eleciton. Winston committed to stop the TPPA in Parliament (not sure how …) 

More local councils sign on 
More councils are signing up all the time, with the Hutt City Council adopting the Resolution on 24 March and some great work taking place in Tauranga, thanks to the great work of the local TPPA Action Group chapters. Groser is getting so worried he apparently held a special meeting with Local Govt NZ people and the Auckland Council last week in Auckland.


Latest US Con: ‘Fast Track’
Unlike NZ, the US Congress gets to approve any final TPPA. At last, a number of governments including NZ have said they won’t make a final deal unless Obama has ‘fast track’, which means Congress must vote yes or no and can’t pick apart any ‘final’ TPPA. A bill giving fast track will be dropped into the Congress this week. It won’t pass, but the US hopes introducing it will be enough for other governments to sign a deal – another con job courtesy of Uncle Sam.

Status of the negotiations
Obama and Japan’s PM Abe meet in the US at the end of April – after that we’ll have a good sense if they can do the deal. The final ministers’ meeting is slated for around 25 to 27 May – right at the end of their window to complete by June. The chief negotiators are meeting on 23-26 April near Washington DC to close any remaining issues they can and be ready for the ministers. 


Al Jazeera exposes Big Pharma kills
Fire in the Blood shows the human price of new rules on patents that make medicines unaffordable.
ISDS Corporate Attacks
This excellent website, established by Public Citizen in the US, gives a huge amount of information on how ISDS works, how it affects areas like health, climate change, enerfy, the environment, financial stability and essential services, and how people are fighting back.

TTIP: Regulatory Cooperation - a Threat to Democracy
The EU activists have a great video on how the US-EU deal (TTIP) will give corporations power of national regulations starting with chlorinated chicken! Not exactly the same as TPPA but the same theme…

White House lies on TPPA and environment
More desperation: White House says environment NGOs Love the TPPA, but enviros say otherwise.

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