Call to reject G8’s proposed transparency initiative for land transactions

The G8 is currently discussing an “initiative to increase transparency of land transactions and tenure”, which is to be launched at the G8 summit in June 2013. 
We strongly reject and condemn the G8’s proposed transparency initiative for the following reasons:
  • Transparency – and the G8 initiative – will not stop land and resource grabbing
  • The G8 has no democratic legitimacy to make decisions about land, food and nutrition
We therefore call upon the members of the G8 to:
  • Abandon all plans to establish the proposed initiative
  • Comply with their commitments arising from endorsing the CFS Tenure Guidelines, inter alia by supporting the financial Facility proposed by FAO
  • Promote true accountability by regulating investors and companies based in G8 countries to disclose their involvement in land and resource grabs, and hold them legally accountable for abuses of tenure and human rights.
  • Stop the implementation of the cooperation frameworks of the G8 New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition in Africa, as well as the negotiation of new frameworks that undermine sustainable small-scale food production and local food systems.
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