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Congresswoman Linda Sanchez on Free Trade Agreements

Have you seen this awesome video of Representative Linda Sánchez throwing down the gauntlet against the U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreement (FTA)?

Given its election year, and with the lunacy of the Trans Pacific Partnership on the immediate horizon, you’d hope that similar voices would be raised in NZ –

There are things we can do – see below for details of the action YOU can take to stop the blinkered adherents of the demonstrably failed neoliberal ideology of ‘Free Trade’.

  • Become active in the New Zealand Not for Sale Campaign
  • Visit the campaigns webpage
  • Checkout the backgrounders
  • Sign online or download the Statement of Sovereignty
  • Red Card the TPPA - Send your MP (and candidates) a postcard opposing the TPPA

Our democracy - Not for Sale

Our public health - Not for Sale

Our intellectual property - Not for Sale

Our sovereignty - Not for Sale
Our children's future - Not for Sale

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