Workers Rights under Attack

It’s time for a fair go
CAFCA in the Square (Christchurch) at the CTU Fairness Rally Saturday August 21st

Among the raft of legislative changes being rammed through parliament by the National-Act-Maori Party Government is yet another attack on the hard won rights of ordinary  Kiwis.

The latest batch of changes in labour law, if passed,  will take away workers' rights, remove protections, cut pay, reduce holidays and diminish access to sick leave.

The CTU are asking as many people as possible to submit to Parliament's Transport and Industrial Relations Select Committee and explain why the Government's proposed changes to employment law are unfair.

You can access an automated (basic) submission here  which you can send as is or amend to stress the points you think are most important. 

Florence Coen "90 days" unfair dismissal story


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