Anti-Privatisation Postcard Available From CAFCA

Well it is election year and CAFCA have a Postcard you can order and send to candidates.

Privatisation, either full or partial, of public-owned assets is something that New Zealanders have learned to be very wary of indeed in the past two decades. And privatisation is rearing its ugly head again in 2008.

For details, see where you will find some of the papers from the March 2008 Privatisation By Stealth Conference in Christchurch, organised by CAFCA.

We believe that all the politicians running in this year’s election, whether sitting MPs or those wishing to join them, need to be told in no uncertain terms that the people of New Zealand do not want any more privatisation, in any of its myriad forms.

To this end we have produced a brief and to the point postcard (the text is below), which can be sent free of charge to any or all MPs. And/or it can be sent, with a stamp, to other candidates.

Please help us to distribute this postcard by replying to this e-mail and ordering some. Include your postal address

Because of the printing processes involved, it is not practicable for us to supply you with one postcard. If you’re already a CAFCA member, you will receive one of each card (i.e. one for an MP and one for another candidate) with your August Foreign Control Watchdog.

So, what we’re looking for here are bulk orders. Minimum order is 10 of each card.

If you order hundreds (or thousands), we expect a koha to help with the costs of printing and postage.

Let’s get these cards rolling!

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