More Job Cuts - More Jobs Going Overseas

More and more we are seeing New Zealand jobs move overseas.

The latest in a long string of them has been the ANZ Bank accouncement that over the next year or so they will be moving a significant amount of their work to Bangalore, India. This would affect around 5% of staff or between 400 and 500 people. This would be the largest offshoring of jobs ever in the New Zealand Banking industry.

Take action now. Please click here to send a message to ANZ National CEO Graham Hodges opposing the offshoring of New Zealand jobs.

ANZ National can afford to keep the jobs in New Zealand. This offshoring would happen at a time when ANZ National’s profit is going up. It has increased by 76% since 2004, and their after tax profit in 2007 was $1.168 billion.

ANZ National would be starting a race to the bottom on wages. ANZ Australia, which pays better than ANZ National, have said that the cost per Indian employee is roughly half the Australian equivalent. Such a move goes in the opposite direction of Finsec’s Better Banks campaign, which calls for more investment in local jobs.

Whilst the bank has said they will try to redeploy all staff, we say that the best way of guaranteeing everyone a job is not to offshore these positions.

Take action now and send a message to the bank not to send good Kiwi jobs offshore Please forward this message on to your networks, friends and family and encourage them to send this important message too.


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