CAFCA - ABC What's the connection?

Readers may be wondering why all the Anti Spy Base stuff has been appearing on the CAFCA blog. The Anti-Bases Campaign or ABC as it is more commonly known is CAFCA's sister organisation. Murray Horton is the organiser for both groups. Murray plays a crucial role keeping members up-to-date with relevant current events and formulating press releases from ABC and CAFCA issues arise that these groups have a position on. Murray's main job however is getting Foreign Control Watchdog (CAFCA publication) and Peace Researcher (ABC publication) our regularly. These two publications are two of the few publications to have stood up to the test of time and much of the credit for this is owed to Murray. Murray is also most famously known for his epic obituaries. It is my intention that this blog may become a record for all of the obituaries written for both Peace Researcher and Watchdog since their inception. Morbid as it may seem, it is the obituaries that I (and I am sure many other people) look forward to the most when a new Watchdog is out.

So there's the explanation as to why you'll see both Anti Bases Campaign information and issues appear on this blog.

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